Keys to the Kingdom

Danny Motyka: Making Psychedelics from the Heart

April 30, 2021 Danny Motyka
Keys to the Kingdom
Danny Motyka: Making Psychedelics from the Heart
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Danny Motyka’s keys to psychedelics access are educated chemistry and mission-driven business. As a teenager tackling severe depression with psilocybin and LSD, Danny found his calling in psychedelics and is now CEO of PsyGen Labs, a Canada-based manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade psychedelics for clinical research and therapeutic use. In our conversation, we discuss changing the nature of business with psychedelics, understanding our drug biases, and moving ourselves beyond our default modes.

How Psygen came to be
Erowid and a New Yorker feature on its founders
Default Mode Network: our brain's guessing machine
The Coddling of the American Mind
• SNL’s “Stop gaslighting me!” skit
Social media and dopamine addiction
Blockchain + Psychedelics at Scale
Silk Road, crypto currencies, and illegal substance sales

Music: Sochii  by Adrian Thomas (2020)

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When Danny smoked his hair
Redefining success in business
"All money ain't good money"
"Dude, you make drugs"
Coming from a privileged place
Can we get beyond default mode and safetyism?
A scarcity of meaningful connection
Understand your drug bias
Possibilities of blockchain for trust and safety in drug supply
Hospice psychedelic medicine sessions, and drug use mentors