Keys to the Kingdom

Amelia Perkins: Holding the Keys Origin Story

April 16, 2021 Amelia Perkins
Keys to the Kingdom
Amelia Perkins: Holding the Keys Origin Story
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It's a long road to psychedelic-assisted healing and growth in middle age. This expansive conversation travels that long road as it led to this podcast and my advocacy for broad and sustainable psychedelics access.

Amelia Perkins, my friend of 20+ years, helps me walk through my evolution, and shares her perspective on what it's been like to experience me pre- and post-psychedelics. Amelia is a facilitator and coach who focuses on spirituality, sexuality and creativity. She's been in the personal growth field for 15 years, and her practice includes women's workshops, and guidance for individuals who want to deepen their relationships with their intuition and themselves.

Amelia is one of the first people I reached out to after I'd had my early psychedelic experiences. I knew she'd be as excited and blown away by them as I was. Now, if only she had access.

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Music: Sochii  by Adrian Thomas (2020)

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