Keys to the Kingdom

Sara Reed: Black Women, Psychedelic Healing, and Liberation

April 16, 2021 Sara Reed
Keys to the Kingdom
Sara Reed: Black Women, Psychedelic Healing, and Liberation
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Authentic community, culturally informed therapy, and deep care for humanity are Sara Reed’s keys to psychedelics access. A licensed marriage and family therapist, Sara is changing the face of mental healthcare as the CEO of the digital health startup Mind’s iHealth and as an advocate for health equity in psychedelic medicine. In our conversation, we connect from the heart about getting credentialed, getting good care, and getting all of us to liberation.

Minds iHealth & @minds_ihealth on Twitter
Culture and Psychedelic Psychotherapy by Monnica Williams, Sara Reed and Jamilah George
The Shadows You Won’t Face by Sara Reed
White Supremacy Culture by Tema Okun of  Dismantling Racism Works
• James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time
• Resources from Chacruna's Racial Equity and Access Committee
Yarelix Estrada on Psychedelic Harm Reduction, Racism and the War on Drugs
Psychedelic Therapy Facebook Group
Black Girls Breathing and Holotropic Breathwork
The vagus nerve and The Body Keeps Score

Music: Sochii  by Adrian Thomas (2020)

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"Mental health futurist" and White supremacy in business
Psychedelic medicine perpetuating what it proposes to dismantle
Credentials as a tool, and metrics for sacred medicine work
How to get yourself some culturally responsible care
Advice and guidance for healing with ketamine therapy
“Don’t forget to call your strong Black friend today so they can lie to you about being fine”
Building community and returning “home”