Keys to the Kingdom

Curtis Chappell: Blockchain + Psychedelics at Scale

March 31, 2021 Curtis Chappell
Keys to the Kingdom
Curtis Chappell: Blockchain + Psychedelics at Scale
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Curtis Chappell’s keys are blockchain, education and innovation. He’s particularly skilled at using real-world examples to make blockchain’s world of cryptographic database technology accessible to everyday people. In our conversation, Curtis demystifies the language of blockchain and digs into how blockchain could make psychedelics safer and more accessible, especially at scale.

Australia's Blockchain Collective
Beef Ledger blockchain for supply chain
Curtis Chappell: From student to teacher
AgUnity blockchain solutions for farmers
Beeple’s $69M NFTs and NFTs on SNL
Alcoholics Anonymous and psychedelics
Deepak Chopra and psychedelics
2018 CryptoPsychedelic Summit
• Blockchain careers at

Music: Sochii  by Adrian Thomas (2020)

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Thinking differently with psychedelics
Defining blockchain and decentralized ledger
“Do you like chocolate?” Cacao bean-counting on the blockchain
Immutability and transparency: Pulling back the veil on theft and quality
Disintermediation: Less redundant, more intelligent supply chain QA
Grape to glass: Using provenance to trace, track and legitimize supply chain
Nonfungible tokens: currency, digital assets, and REALLY expensive art
Your wallet and keys on the blockchain
NFT credentials and credibility for psychedelic-assisted therapy
Plug the leak: Using NFTs to manage psychedelic product lifecycle
Blockchain + Supply Chain: What’s in it for the regulators
Is it too soon for blockchain to be a thing?
“Dude, how do you turn on the internet?” and other world-changing phenomena