Keys to the Kingdom

Mohawk the Educator: Let Us Do Drugs

March 17, 2021 Mohawk the Educator
Keys to the Kingdom
Mohawk the Educator: Let Us Do Drugs
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Drug decriminalization, legalization and regulation are Mohawk Kellye’s keys to psychedelics access. If you want to use psychoactive substances to enhance and advance your life, Mohawk wants your drugs to reliable and readily available. In this convo, Mohawk deep-dives on decriminalization, why drug laws don’t keep us safe, and why we might want to rethink how we think about cocaine. 

• Mohawk online
The Rebel Educationist
- Destigmatizing drugs on YouTube
- Understanding U.S. Drug Policy
New California bill would decriminalize psychedelics (Feb 2021)
Louisiana Bill to allow younger adults to drink (Mar 2018) 
Scarface: "Cocaine Mountain"
Dr. Carl Hart on rethinking the utility of “hard” drugs (Jan 2021)
IDPC: "The war on drugs is built on racism" (June 2020)
Weed-Curious Politicians Should Look to Uruguay (Nov 2019)

Music: Sochii  by Adrian Thomas (2020)

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